About Us

 Lovers of all things crafty, offering our modern twist...

Beautifully packaged and designed DIY kits are our thing. Browse our embroidery kit collection for your next craft project. 

 The Stitch With Skye hoop art collection is both modern and stylish. Once your embroidery kit is finished it becomes your very own piece of hoop art.

Launched by Jade in 2019, Stitch With Skye produces DIY embroidery kits for all abilities, with the added extra that once your kits is finished, you can display it with pride. 

Most of our designs are inspired by female growth and body positivity. When Jade started the business, it was her vision to be able to offer craft kits that represented the modern world which we live in today. Stitch With Skye has a passion for creating designs that people can relate to and feel a sense of connection with. 

Jade has sewn from a young age, taught by her Mom, and it’s a passion that has stayed with her long into adult life. There is a great comfort and relaxation that comes from crafting and sewing. 

So, who’s Skye..? 

Skye, is Jade’s loyal Cocker Spaniel. Never far from Jade when she is embroidering - and that’s how our brand name was born, because to this day, we’re always stitching with Skye!